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FCCLA Cookie Recipe


FCCLA Member | 1/11/2023

Our local FCCLA Chapter has had two cookie bake-sales this school year, and they have been a huge hit! Most of the money has gone to competition uniforms for STAR Events, and other expenses for FCCLA.
Since everyone loved it so much, here's the recipe! It is pretty simple, and doesn't take too much time. It should make around 12-14 large cookies.

What You'll Need:
-Stand Mixer or Hand mixer (electric mixers work best, but it can be done by hand)
-Measuring cups
-Cookie sheets
-Parchment paper
-Ice cream scoop
-Rubber spatula
-Mixing bowls

-2 cups flour
-½ tsp Baking soda
-½ tsp salt
-1 cup brown sugar
-½ cup granulated sugar
-1 stick softened butter
-1 egg
-Approx. 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

-Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Place parchment paper on a cookie sheet. Set aside.
-Sift the dry ingredients (flour, baking soda, and salt) into a bowl, making sure that everything is well combined. Set aside for now.
-Combine your softened butter, granulated sugar, and brown sugar into a mixing bowl. Use a stand mixer, or a hand mixer, and mix until smooth. Add in your egg, and mix again.
-With your mixer on a low speed, SLOWLY pour in your dry ingredients, small amounts at a time. Mix until everything is well combined and smooth.
-Turn off your mixer, and use a rubber spatula to fold in the chocolate chips, ensuring that they are even throughout the dough.
-Use an ice-cream scoop and scoop up the dough. Roll the dough in between your hands until you get it smooth. Set it on your cookie sheet, and mold it to a "tower" shape. Leave about 2 inches in between each cookie.
-Bake for 10-12 minutes, or until the edges are golden brown. Let cool for at least 15 minutes before serving.

Hopefully you'll enjoy these cookies with a nice, cold glass of milk! Thanks for reading, and let us know what else you want to read about. And, if you make this recipe, let us know how it went!